Daily Archives: October 19, 2012

Promoting myself

To generate buzz on my e-books, I decided to distribute a free e-book to readers who might be convinced to purchase my for-sale e-books. So I dug up an old story, which got published in Mirror Magazine in 1999 (if I remember correctly) and formatted it for Kindle and Smashwords. This story is, coincidentally, part of my second short story collection, which I hope to publish the traditional way here in the Philippines.

Unfortunately, Kindle DP does not allow free pricing for its e-books so I opted for the lowest price possible–which is 99 cents. Apparently, once they find out that an e-book is free in other stores, that’s only when they will allow said e-book to be free. So in Smashwords I chose the free option. Sooner or later, I hope the Kindle Store catches up and give my e-book for free.

After a day at Smashwords, The Loudest Unspoken has been downloaded 14 times. I have received 1 positive feedback from a colleague–though she hasn’t gone back to the website to post her feedback officially. I hope the Kindle Store catches up soon. And I hope this marketing strategy works, too. Curious, just follow the link above to get your free e-book. Enjoy reading it and please post a feedback or review on the site, if you can. It’d be greatly appreciated!