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Have you tried googling your name? When I first googled my real name (three or so years ago), the results were my blogs, stories about that mining engineer who disappeared in Indonesia, and the screen writer of Jaws 4. A couple of days ago I googled my publishing name and I was surprised at the results.

Well, this one wasn’t really a surprise because I’ve been reading his blog since 2008. The surprise here was that he didn’t know that I was the author of the story that he mentioned in his review of the anthology.

from Kawadjan

This is a surprise because I don’t know her and her blog, which had a really wonderful name: Bomba Starr–a sister perhaps to Brenda Starr? Hehe! By excerpting my story in her blog, I’d assume that she liked my story. So, thanks, Bomba Starr, for the shout-out! Wished I saw this sooner…

This is another surprise because I certainly did not expect my name to be in someone’s list of favorite authors, but there it was. This young girl from Iloilo who also likes Jessica Zafra, Stephen King, Helen Fielding, etc. apparently likes me as well, even when I don’t have a book out yet. She also listed ‘Epiphany’ as one of her favorite literary works, can you imagine? What I cannot imagine is the fact that ‘Epiphany’ seems to resonate among women readers.

For a bit of trivia on ‘Epiphany’: I wrote this in 1996–almost right after attending the Dumaguete Writers’ Workshop. This was my first short story to be published (in the now-defunct newspaper ‘The Evening Paper’. Isagani Cruz named it among the best stories to come out in the last quarter of 1996. This was anthologized in the 3rd Volume of Ladlad, which did not come out until 2007. Me thinks Bomba Starr and Ms Iloilo read it from Ladlad 3. Which proves that Ladlad is not just for gay, bi & curious boys.

Anyway, again, thanks for the appreciation, girls! Does this mean I have a place in the pantheon of chick-lit writers, now that I’ve decided to tread the waters of self-publishing? I can only imagine!

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