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Fugue state

One of my oldest poems, written around 1996. This was eventually published in The Philippine Graphic Magazine in 1999.

Fugue by Louise Bourgeois, 2003




I see

The foamy waves

Kissing the sand

The shore

That is you.


They whittle

Each grain, time

And patience etched

Into the fine face

That is love.



Finding the flow

Glide to some

Tender space

Within your limbs:


Nest of my feelings.


If clouds refuse

To heed the outline

Of your smile,

I will be sun-rays

Dropping gently


On your skin.


Manila, 1996

Get together

Since I returned from Cambodia in 2010, we try to see each other as often as possible, in spite of our busy lives. Work and family occupy most of them (unlike me–hehehe!) these days so the best we can come up with is a quarterly get-together. A lunch usually, followed by coffee and dessert at differing restaurants to maximize the chance to chat and catch up.

October 2012 Get-together

This year we managed to see each other three times (March, September, October). Our original group got smaller when some migrated or worked in other countries and at the same time got bigger when it began to include new members like daughters, partners, etc.

2010 Get-together

In the three years that we bonded in university more than 20 years ago, we have clearly established a lasting friendship. We have such a long history that we are able to be with each other in spite of our clear differences. If we ever judge each other, it is done out of love or a genuine concern for each other’s well-being. I love my friends!

One of our first outings C1990