Happy this new year

For the first time since I returned from Cambodia, we are celebrating the coming of the new year. We had put up the Christmas tree and other decorations as early as November. And at Christmas my mother and I cooked up a storm for Noche Buena. Tonight the house is uncharacteristically noisy with the bustle of cousins, nieces, and nephews. I am writing this as I am resting. I have cooked two dishes and one a*s-kicking dessert. We have fireworks and noise-makers, meats to grill later and some alcoholic drinks to share.

It looks like it’s going to be a great celebration, for a change. A good portent, perhaps, for the new year.

fruits for good luck

fruits for good luck

According to Chinese astrology, it seems that it’s going to be a good year for me, indeed.

From http://www.chinesehoroscope2013.com/ox-sign-2013.html

The Year of the Snake should bring progress and expansion for you. Did you have a bumpy ride last year? You still might hit a few obstacles in 2013, but you’ll have 10 favorable months to look forward to, and only two not-so-favorable months. If you’re a typical Ox, you might need to work on being less stubborn and learning to bend with the wind. Compromise is your friend. Yes, I know you’re a tough and powerful creature, but you might butt heads with others if you’re forceful about being right. Borrow some creativity and gentleness from the snake. Raise your expectations, and practice diplomacy to get what you want.

From http://www.futuresobright.com/article/229-2013-chinese-zodiac-horoscope-predictions-for-the-ox/

The year 2013 Chinese horoscope forecasts that it will be a test of patience if you are born in Ox year. It will bring many ups and downs in your life. But if you are calm and polite even in the worst situation, then you can easily achieve your goals. You might be lucky but you should control your emotions well. You will have favorable events but you need to be careful and handle them to your own advantage. You should be patient while in a fight and not burst out.

Ox people are known to hold secrets, but too much hiding can tamper relationships. As difficulties come by, you will learn how to overcome them. You need to try using your imagination and creativity to a large extent to derive maximum desired results. You can open up your mind this year and come out in the clear and talk to your friends so that they understand you better. Overall, this year will have fewer obstacles for ox people and would be good year.

From http://sophia-angelique.hubpages.com/hub/2013PredictionsChienseZodiacYearoftheSnake

Essentially, slow moving signs will do well in the year of the ox. The ox, of course, is slow moving as his/her pace matches that of the water snake. The secret for the success for those born in the year of the ox is to match their pace to that of the snake – even if that means going just a little slower and in a more roundabout way. Both relationships and business will flourish this year for the ox. Remember, however, it is a water snake year, and there are traps ahead. Take them into consideration. Move slowly!

Happy new year everybody! May this new year be kinder to us!


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