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Lesser Evil Indeed

I am inclined to agree with columnist Conrado de Quiros when he summed up this year’s Senate race. That “these elections do not present a choice between good and bad, decency and rottenness, loftiness and lowliness. It’s just a choice between lesser evils”. You can find the entire article HERE.

I am still in the process of examining the candidates, subjecting them to my ‘filters’ in order to come up with more candidates to endorse but I’m afraid I’m coming up empty.

We’ll see in the coming days.

Meanwhile, let’s try to hold on to our sanity as we all are bombarded with mass media ads mostly promoting this year’s sub-par and sub-stellar candidates.


Did I just run out of senatorial candidates to endorse?

This isn’t really an OMG moment.

More like, WTF?!

On the fence

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to put these three senatorial candidates together because I couldn’t make up my mind whether to cast my vote for them or not. To elaborate, I’ve put them through my filters and the results were not as satisfactory as I thought.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes

Sen. Antonio Trillanes

Senator Antonio Trillanes did great on 4 filters: the dynasty factor, track record, reputation quotient, and trust effect. However, his stand on the RH Bill was the deal-breaker for me. His seeming indifference to the health and welfare of more than half of our population is simply un-acceptable to me.

Rep Sonny Angara

Rep Sonny Angara

Rep Sonny Angara, meanwhile, is a supporter of RH, much like his aunt. He also did well on track record and trust effect. I was willing to let the dynasty factor slide by, but his reputation quotient was severely affected by the persistent rumor that his family is behind the pervasive illegal logging in his home province.

Sen. Chiz Escudero

Sen. Chiz Escudero

Chiz Escudero, another supporter of RH, should have had my vote by his support of RH alone. But alas, I cannot ignore that he comes from a political family that’s entrenched deeply in their home province. He does have a good track record; plus, he’s a great strategist with excellent media savvy. However, these talents in political strategy and use of media do not help his reputation quotient and trust effect. These give him the impression that he’s a manipulator who can turn things to his advantage. This doesn’t make we want to trust him at all.

Warm Bodies is way better than the Twilight series

I saw ‘Warm Bodies’ [directed by Jonathan Levine, who gave us the severely under-rated ‘All The Boys Love Mandy Lane’] because Nicholas Hoult [the cute kid from ‘About a Boy’ and the young Beast in ‘X-Men First Class’] was in it. A big risk, I know, but then again, he’s been in a number of films I liked such as the previously mentioned and ‘Clash of the Titans’ and ‘A Single Man’ plus the coming ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ so I thought, there must be something there. And besides, I thought the trailer was funny. Unlike that other teen paranormal romance film, which sucked big time.

even the poster looks like a more vital version of 'twilight'! hehe!

even the poster looks like a more vital version of ‘twilight’! hehe!

To my delight, I found the film a real pleasure to watch. This is a totally refreshing take on the zombie apocalypse genre, which was last turned on its rotten head by the 2009 dark comedy ‘Zombieland’. Now, three years later, the zombies have crept into the kingdom of the RomCom instead of veering off into the googly-eyed realm of the teen paranormal romance. A wise move from the filmmaker, because it made the movie more enjoyable. By not taking the romantic elements too seriously, and by too seriously I mean none of those lingering shots of longing glances and florid exchanges of vows of undying love–the film also became more grounded in reality and logic, however absurd the general setting is.

Here are 6 reasons why ‘Warm Bodies’ is way better than all films in the ‘Twilight’ series. The first reason I already mentioned in the last paragraph. The second is its lead female character is not a brooding and simpering girl who is too ready to be swept off her dainty feet by any vampire or lycanthrope. Julie is a gun-totting girl who thinks for herself and takes decisive actions–whether killing zombies or advocating on their behalf.  One thing I found funny is the fact that Teresa Palmer kind of looks like Kristen Stewart, right? Perhaps this is coincidence in casting, but I’d rather think of this as an in-joke.

Third, the lead male character, though un-dead as well, looks more alive than his un-dead vampire counterpart. It could be a difference in acting ability but R didn’t have any coherent lines for about 90% of the film, compared to that rambling vampire who can’t stop talking about his feelings and yet, Nicholas Hoult brought more life to the role that Robert Pattinson ever did with his.

Fourth, and this has been somewhat touched in my first reason but let me elaborate here. In this film, the romantic elements did not make me cringe. Which means it was just right for a RomCom movie. Of course, because it’s a zombie movie, there are also enough queasy moments I hadn’t imagined, like how the human brain looked if it were stuffed into a pocket to be eaten at a later time.

Fifth, the soundtrack was outstanding. In fact, I’m searching for torrents of the film soundtrack as I am writing this post. The music greatly enhanced the bonding moments between R and Julie, especially in the appropriate montage sequences that made me mutter, ‘awww’ instead of giving me the urge to puke.

And finally, I like that even though this film offers a new take on the zombie genre, there are no mind-boggling alterations to the mythology in order to pander to romance-stricken teens. Hello, gold-flecked sparkling-like-a-diamond skin when exposed to the sun? Mutant-powered vampires? Vampire babies? The zombie hierarchy, un-explored in the film but detailed in the book, is not really an alteration to the zombie myth but rather a welcome enhancement of sorts.

So there, to summarize, ‘Warm Bodies’ is great, see it when you get the chance. If someone tells you otherwise, s/he is an IDIOT! Remember that!

Eat this, Stephenie Meyer!

My Senators, part 4

It is easy to assume that my choice for senator today comes from a political family. After all, her father famously ran against the adorable annoying GMA in the fraud-riddled 2010 presidential elections. Because he lost, he didn’t get the chance to serve in office. If she wins, she will not be a part of any political family. She is, however, considered showbiz royalty because of her parents.

I did not include the ‘Showbiz factor’ in my filters for this election there isn’t any actor/actress in the race for the senate.

But the main reason I chose her is because “she believes that condoms, pills and injectables are not abortifacient. She believes in the woman’s right to choose, and a support system that builds on the family unit.” (from an interview with Patricia Evangelista)


Her father’s daughter through and through

Grace Poe has the educational background and training to qualify as a senator. And, her track record in the MTRCB, albeit short, demonstrated her leadership that can translate to political will. She has my vote.