This senatorial candidate never appeared in my to-vote list, primarily because of her stand against the RH while she was a representative. Second, I found her style of politics to be too ‘trapo’ [traditional politician; and ‘trapo’ is Filipino for a rag]. She’s been posting pseudo-electoral TV ads months before the election, so she’s crassly and unabashedly ‘epal’, as well.

I found it best to ignore her altogether but recent developments made it impossible for me not to write about her. Unintentionally, she uncovered herself for the whole nation to see, and giving me the final nail to shut her out of the Senate race. It took a wise woman [Winnie Monsod] and her well-placed question. In a program called ‘Pagsubok ng mga Kandidato’ [Candidate’s Tests], broadcast journalists get to ask the senatorial candidates a few questions, to which the candidates are given a minute to answer. No judgment is made on the answers, leaving the viewers to ponder on them [which I like].

You can watch the whole thing here:

This video remained dormant in the internet and went viral only about 3 days later. Her answer drew the ire of Filipino Nurses here and abroad for its insensitivity and condescension to what many regard as a noble profession, like being a teacher or a social worker. Netizens wasted no time in responding.

One of the resulting memes

One of the resulting memes

And even if I were a non-practicing Nurse, I was also offended by her words because I worked hard to earn my degree and professional license. Thinking about it more, I realized the nature of the question asked of her. It was meant to expose her for what she truly is. And she fell for it: hook, line, and sinker!

In that case, we’d like to thank you, Mrs. Villar, for showing us that when it came to push and shove, you would take the side of business over everything else. As Chair of the House Committee on Higher Education, you could have done something to uplift the quality of Nursing education in the country but instead you chose to protect the interests of unscrupulous school-owners so they can continue making money without a care for the quality of nurses that they were releasing into the workforce.

In that situation, you clearly showed us that you’re a very astute businesswoman and a very undesirable senator/ legislator. Now we all know the kind of senator that you’ll be in the unfortunate event that you make it in this election. One who protects the interests of business over and above the interests of the people. Now, it doesn’t matter how kind the words that your well-paid PR machinery has churned out to placate the hurt feelings of us nurses.

Fortunately, we can still do something in order to make sure that your little feet will not go pitter-patter in the August halls of the Senate.


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