And now, back to normal programming

My short engagement with a UN Agency ended last week. My new-found friends in the organization gave a me a send-off lunch at one of the better restaurants close to the office, which I wrote about HERE. I knew that the Staff Union was organizing a merienda cena of some sort in honor of me. I knew this because they did the same thing to another colleague/ friend whose contract ended a couple of weeks before mine did.

the ladies who lunch

the ladies who lunch

I’d like to say that I always avoided soirees, especially in my honor, like the plague but truthfully, this is not always the case with me. This aversion to things social is, I believe, a remnant of my depression. A persistent remnant, I must say, but it is not an indicator of my emotional well-being. Pre-depression era, I liked going to parties, but not too much. If said party is in my honor, it’s fine. Lately though (as in the last three years), not so much.

Nevertheless, I am deeply grateful to the Staff Union for making me part of their activities. Please accept my apology for ditching that send-off party in favor of a quiet afternoon with my family.

Yesterday, I felt a little disoriented when I woke up early in the morning and realized I didn’t need to rise that early because I didn’t have to go to work. So I slept again and didn’t get out of bed until 8AM. Yesterday felt like a long weekend, even if I felt unwell the whole day and slept through my nausea and malaise.

And today, I am spending the morning as if in a daze. The only conscious things I am doing are posting photos on Facebook and writing this blog post, which I hope I am doing well enough. I have eaten a bit; my queasiness remains–abetted by keeping a piece of hard candy in my mouth.

My agenda for the next months is attending to my personal writing projects in between freelance work. Wish me luck, would you?


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development worker. kasuyo. bugtong na anak. retired drag queen. kalaguyo. kaibigan. future carpenter, bread-maker, or bar-tender. feeling manunulat at makata. borderline obsessive-compulsive. control freak. book worm. isnabero. mahiyain. astang cineaste. aspiring photographer.

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  1. Best of luck dear! Na mimiss na ulit kita. Pwede na ba kitang kaladkarin? 🙂

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