In gods we trust

Last week, unless you were living under a rock, you’d have noticed that there was nothing on cinemas except for “Thor: The Dark World”. I went to the mall still hoping to catch the remake of “Carrie” but said plan was thwarted by the Thor-monopoly. I didn’t mind, really; I’d been looking forward to see Chris Hemsworth’s third outing as the god of thunder. Simply because the first two had been so much fun to watch.


This movie’s timeline is set after the events of “The Avengers” (possibly the same as TV “Agents of SHIELD), or to be precise, two years after New York. Thor had been preoccupied with cleaning up the mess caused by Loki in all the realms. In fact, he’s been so busy his own coronation as king of Asgard has been postponed. Meanwhile, a celestial event is coming, the alignment of all realms, including ours, which has the side effect of blurring the usually distinct borders between each realm, resulting in random portals to and fro. Jane Foster, now based in London and silently pining for Thor, discovers one such portal and manages to get herself infected with the ‘Aether’, a dark matter than can potentially destroy the universe (what else, right?).

After this, hilarity ensues. No, not really. Action happens. Lots of it. Jane is whisked to Asgard for medical treatment by an Asgardian doctor (Alice Krige, who used to play the Borg Queen), Asgard itself is attacked by nasty dark elves, Thor’s mom gets killed, the realm’s most un-savory prisoners are released, London is swarmed by creatures from other realms, Dr. Selvig (Stellan Skaarsgard) apes his son Alexander and runs naked around Stonehenge, and Thor enlists the help of his incarcerated adopted brother for help in defeating Malekith, the film’s big bad.

The climactic battle is another study in movie mayhem. But don’t worry, the director showed some restraint and it didn’t look like the final battle in “Man of Steel.” Thor the main character has matured a bit here, comparing to the hot-headed and brash man-boy that he was in the first movie. But he’s still fun. I liked the scene where he smashed the huge rock creature in one fell swoop of Mjolnir. I also like the fact that he seems to lighten up when he’s with Loki. They should have more scenes together in the next film. These gods can be counted on for some fun and eye candy. The only bad thing here is the fact that Thor wasn’t shirtless in any of his scenes. I had to settle with his exposed “big guns” in a few scenes.

one of dem guns

one of dem guns

Anyway, there’s much to enjoy in this movie aside from the obvious and Idris Elba. Especially if you ignore the plot holes (like the under-developed love triangle between Jane, Thor & Sif) and the questionable science (nit-picking here already). Visually, it’s still all good. Asgard is a tad grimier but still looks awesome. The funeral scene of Thor’s mom was spectacular in its beauty and grace. The ships of the Dark Elves looked remarkable. What else? The cast were all so great in their parts, it’s really becoming hard for me to think of the time when Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston will stop signing up for future Thor movies.

Have fun. Watch a movie. Watch this movie. Stay until the credits are over. As usual.


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