Bloody Sunday

Yesterday, news on the devastation brought by super-typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda to us) slowly made its way to us and as evening fell I felt too sapped to watch the news because my fascination to the power of nature (and climate change) has given way to sadness not just for the people who directly bore the brunt of the typhoon but also for the whole country. I couldn’t sleep so I decided to watch my downloaded TV shows on my computer.

the b*tch of a typhoon seen from space

the b*tch of a typhoon seen from space

I guess I lost track of time because before I knew it, my Facebook news feed became flooded with notices that the live telecast of this year’s Miss Universe was coming. I didn’t plan on watching the live telecast since we don’t have Star World in our cable TV; but I was there and I couldn’t sleep anyway so I decided to look for a livestream of the event. I found a good connection in a Puerto Rican channel (I think) so the spiels were dubbed in Spanish. I didn’t mind.

top 5 in 4 years isn't bad at all

Ms Universe 2013 3rd Runner-up

When Ms Philippines barely made it to the Top 16 I thought if she gets eliminated I can go to bed earlier. When she made it to the Top 10 my hopes went up, especially when she sashayed in that tweety bird-yellow of an evening gown. And then she got into the Top 5 and I became resigned to waking up late today. Basing on their final answers, I put Ms Philippines on top 2 with Ms Spain. But I guess the judges saw things differently and gave the crown to the mature-looking Ms Venezuela whose evening gown looked smuggled from the costume department of the 80s soap “Dynasty”. Really. She could be Joan Collins’ sister.

our other boxing champ

our other boxing champ

Sure enough, I woke up late in the morning and spent most of it in a daze. I caught the replay at ABS-CBN and the results remained the same. Haha. Later, however, our television exploded with the happy news that Nonito Donaire won his fight via a dramatic TKO in the 9th round. If my father were alive he would’ve been glued to the television and giving the rest of the house a blow-by-blow account of the boxing match. But he’s not and my mother was basically channel-surfing but stopped to see the moment of victory for the lesser-known Donaire. Only his fame–not his talent, is eclipsed by Manny Pacquiao.

And now the day’s almost over. Yolanda-related news remains un-settling–like a dark cloud that hangs over most of us, draining us of joy. But these two glimmers of hope and pride dares to shine on the pale darkness, giving a much-needed spark to ignite us into coping and action and finally, triumphing. Great job, Ariella and Nonito! The whole country is proud of you two.

Mabuhay ang Pilipino!


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