Surviving Yolanda

Over this last weekend super-typhoon Yolanda (aka Haiyan) swept through central Philippines and inundated the region with record-breaking winds and storm surges that rivaled tsunamis, obliterating not just infrastructures but also communities. Many people died in this calamity but for the survivors, the end to their challenges remain distant.

the level of destruction is mind-boggling

the level of destruction is mind-boggling

After 5 days, the situation remains dire for scores of people who were affected. Clearing the roads had just been accomplished. There is a serious shortage of food & water that some people had resorted to looting. I live quite far from the disaster area so we were not affected by Yolanda. But I have many friends who are from this region and I am worried about them.

Many nations have pledged and delivered aid to the country but there’s still a lot more to be done. If we all pitch in, we can accomplish a lot.

If you want to donate cash (which is the best), food and/ or other critical commodities such as medicines, clothes, and beddings, etc., or if you want to donate your time and energy, there are many ways to do so. Rappler, in my opinion, has the most extensive list of links and contact details of groups and agencies doing humanitarian work, both for Filipinos here and abroad. Just follow the link HERE.

We need a lot of help. But we are not helpless.

we will prevail

we will prevail


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