From hero to trapo

I stopped being a fan of Manny Pacquiao since he entered politics because I didn’t buy his pitch that he did so because he wanted to be “of service”. I believe that to be of service, one need not enter politics. I seriously thought he was being given bad advice by the people around him. Of course his victory at the polls was certain. But his qualifications and capacity remain debatable.

When he started losing his boxing fights, I was secretly glad because I think those losses will keep his arrogance in check. I have also since refused to buy that his fights were “for the Filipino people” because honestly, aside from the temporary pride-fueled endorphin rush that people feel after his each win, what do the Filipino people really get? Just a week ago he managed to reclaim his boxing cred by winning his latest bout. A not-so-glorious victory compared to the ones during his heyday but a win nonetheless.

And what does he do–in the midst of all the good will being thrown his way? Complain about being treated unfairly by the BIR. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. His handlers should be given a hefty bonus for this perfectly timed strategy to muddle up the issue of tax evasion. I could already see the amount of support that will be thrown his way because unfortunately Kim Henares,for all her strengths, is such a charmless woman. Her propensity to smile while delivering strong statements is sure to raise the hackles of Manny’s supporters and kakampi.

I was still willing to give Manny Pacquiao the benefit of the doubt until I read this article by Winnie Monsod, which clearly outlined the events surrounding this issue. Okay.

It was then that I realized that Manny Pacquiao is a smart man after all. He is such a quick study. In a few years he has mastered the tics and traits of a seasoned politician: the references to himself as a “we”, the hollow expressions of patriotism, the posturing of a patron, the aspirations to a political dynasty, among others. This “education” undoubtedly came from the company of politicians by his side.

yes, he also learned to be epal as well (image courtesy of studioguerrero at IG

yes, he also learned to be epal as well (image courtesy of studioguerrero at IG)

Let’s face it, the Manny Pacquiao that we have today is no longer the same boxing upstart that we all adored years ago. He is now a billionaire and a celebrity with little-known charitable activities. By his own words, he even thinks of himself as an entertainer inside the boxing ring instead of a prized fighter. This celebrity status has made his sense of entitlement has grown immensely with his fame and fortune.

He should take concrete steps to rectify this matter as he should have done right from the start of this debacle. But instead he is behaving like an authentic TRAPO (traditional politician), and while he may get the sympathy of the ill-informed now, soon the facts will speak for itself and expose him as nothing but a simple tax evader.


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