Twister for Dummies

In the 18 years that passed since “Twister” crashed into cinemas, there has been much progress and development, not just in terms of movie-making and communications technology but science and technology in general. Meteorology as a field of scientific study has evolved as new atmospheric monitoring technologies have been created over the years. So while the science behind the 1996 movie was deemed questionable, is it un-reasonable to expect the science in “Into The Storm” to be at least scientifically informed, if not scientifically accurate?


“Twister” at least attempted to explain the freak weather they were having that day but “Into the Storm” eschews all explanation–didn’t even try a perfunctory connection to climate change and global warming–even if that kind of information is just a click away in Google. Maybe the filmmakers expected us the audience to be so tech-savvy that we can research the back story before watching their movie.

And, “Twister” had at least characters we can root for, even if most of the characters talked the same way, except for Jami Gertz’s character. “Into the Storm” is, sadly, peopled by characters that aren’t remotely interesting. Even the aspiring YouTube stars with their idiotic stunts were tedious to watch. Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh, and Richard Armitage did their best with what little was given to them.

There’s a lot of destruction and mayhem; more than enough to satisfy one’s expectations in watching a disaster movie. I, for one, have been awed by the spectacle that I saw in this movie. But still, “Into the Storm” suffers from a lack of any “flying cow” moment that made “Twister” so memorable.  The final scene of Pete (Matt Walsh) played too much as a rehash of Helen Hunt’s scene in the eye of the tornado in “Twister”, which in my opinion was better staged.

In fact, there are only two things that I found memorable in this movie: the sight of Richard Armitage in those tight pants and of Richard Armitage WET in those tight pants.


This movie finally managed an attempt at humor in its last scene but all it showed me is that when the real shit hits the fan, only idiots and similar mindless creatures will survive and inherit the earth.


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