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So it ends, so it begins

The last weeks of 2014 have been particularly busy for me as I tried to juggle many responsibilities–to my work, to the NGO that I co-founded, to my family, and to my friends, among others. I felt like I was cramming for an important exam.

In fact, yesterday I planned to clean my room, as I usually do as the new year comes. But finishing a work task that I have been procrastinating about took most of the day so I was only able to start cleaning my room at around 9PM. Since this was a full-on spring cleaning that happens 3 or 4 times a year only, I didn’t finish until 2AM. When I went downstairs my mother and aunt were also up. We had a few laughs over coffee before I went to bed but I managed to sleep for just about 5 hours.

In between my working period yesterday, I walked around our yard and looked at our old macopa (rose apple) tree. This tree is older than I am and I can’t explain clearly but I’m quite fond of it. We had just harvested its first batch of fruits and I happily noted that its branches were once again filled with its frilly flowers. In the last few years, its fruiting pattern have been threatened by the erratic weather. The protracted rainy (and typhoon) season washed away its flowers and buds, and those that survived were not as sweet as they normally were.

However, this year, our old tree seemed able to adapt. Her buds survived the protracted rains and developed into sweet fruits that I enjoyed with my family.

I found this quite remarkable. Life really finds a way. It made me think of this poem, which I am sharing here. The poem I attached is quite old as well, but its themes of recovery/ rejuvenation/ resurrection still resonates today, as the present year is ending and a new one is about to begin. 

Happy new year, dear reader!



The year that was with The Boomerang Kid

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. You can click the link to see the whole report. Before you do that, however, let me thank you for continuing to hang around this blog. My dear reader, this blog was borne out of necessity during a particularly bad time of my life. But it is slowly changing, I noticed; reflecting the positive changes that has been happening to me. I know it can be icky to read about my misadventures, rationalizations, and what-not. So thank you for the company!

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,900 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 48 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


This season, traffic was particularly bad in the city that it was traumatizing to just venture out. It must account for my lessened desire to go out and see people. Two of these annual gatherings with friends didn’t push through for various reasons other than the worsening traffic conditions. But see people I did. I just had to prioritize the meetings that were really really important. Last December 20 I met with the other members of our fledgling NGO for a year-end meeting and Christmas lunch. I had a prior meeting with a client in Quezon City and the drive to Manila was so terrible that we were very hungry by the time we reached the venue. In my somewhat harried state I failed to take any photos of us who were in attendance.

We agreed on a potluck lunch and after the meeting we did probably the most energetic exchange of gifts in recent memory. We were laughing so hard by the time we finally held our gifts. I got a nice marble bowl where I can put my keys and other what-not. Earlier a client gave me a big pack of tea bags that make great milk tea.


Last Saturday I went to Centris to meet the friends I made in my brief return to TV writing. We all met at the training workshop under Ricky Lee and we became closer because we were put to work within one unit in the network. Although among the 7 of us, only one remained with the network, again for various reasons. One of us passed away last year. The one who stayed with the network didn’t make it because her dear aunt died a day ago. So it was just us survivors who met for a long, relaxed lunch and coffee, plus longer chatting and catching up.

In our exchange of gifts I got a bunch of poetry books and some wonderful bread.

This will probably be my last get-together for the year. In three weeks a friend who migrated to Canada 4 years ago will return for a quick holiday and I will definitely see her.

Friday Photo 72

My Christmas tree sightings this season (so far).


Merry Christmas!

The holiday card is back after 5 years.