Start of the Party Season

Yesterday I went to my first Christmas party of the season. This could have been my third party of the season but preparations for the first two parties fell through and nothing happened. I have always been the coordinator of these gatherings of my different sets of friends and every year I would really exert effort to make it happen. It can get very tiring, especially if you receive non-committal responses that can make you feel as if you’re the only one who wanted their company. This year is no different; after a round of enthusiastic email blast, I received the same tepid responses–saying they’re not available on the proposed date and not saying when they are. Instead of trying to get their spirits up like I always did, I decided, f*ck it, if they aren’t eager about it then I shouldn’t probably force the issue. So I stopped. And when nobody asked about it or followed it up, I took it as confirmation.

The last time I saw my college friends was more than 3 months ago. We planned a get-together twice before and it didn’t happen so I told one of them that if they want to do a Christmas get-together, somebody else should coordinate it. So she did and yesterday the 7 of us who are in the city went to Eastwood City for lunch, coffee, and catching up.


We, of course, arrived late because one of us got drunk the previous night. Instead of picking us up at 10AM, he arrived at half an hour before 12 noon. And because of the heavy traffic, we only had lunch at around 2PM. By the time we reached Eastwood it was raining quite hard and we were pressed to find a place with al fresco dining because our friend brought his 2 Corgis with him. This is why ended up at Yellow Cab Pizza Company.

While waiting to be served, we drew lots for our annual exchange gift ritual. We also shared what we wished to receive, though this shouldn’t pressure the giver to comply since we only had a limited time to buy the gift. It was more like a guideline. By the time our food was served, one can imagine how hungry we all were. So much so that I failed to photograph 2 of the dishes we ate. We ate quietly for a while.

After lunch it was time to buy the gifts. We gave each other an hour to get the gifts. A couple of us came with prepared gifts already so they just tagged along. I got mine from National Bookstore. My “baby” unknowingly helped me get the gifts I was going to give her. With our gifts ready, we looked for a coffee shop so we can sit around and do the exchange of gifts while having coffee. As usual, Starbucks was full and because it started drizzling again, we didn’t want to sit outside. We walked by a J.CO Donuts shop and we saw there was plenty of room so we went in.


One thing with my college friends, whenever we get together, we are barely able to keep straight faces because we always end up laughing over the most seemingly insignificant thing. By the time we started exchanging gifts, our corner of the shop was already filled with laughter. More so when we discovered that one of us cheated because he drew his own name and didn’t say anything. Everyone seemed happy with what they got. I, for one, am happy to have received what I think is my first ever age-appropriate writing tool: a Parker pen!

We left Eastwood at around 7PM and I got home about 90 minutes later. It was a great party. I hadn’t laughed as hard in a long time, to be honest. And my other friends admitted as much. It was a year of deaths for our group: 2 lost a parent each, 1 lost her partner. All stress and hardships aside, I am thankful for this group of friends whom I can always rely on for some happy occasions. Merry Christmas, guys!


About the pensive poet

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