Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Boomerang Kid says good-bye

I guess this is an obvious post, because of the fact that so far my only post this year happened on the eve of the presidential elections in May. Seven months later the country has changed a lot and not for the better, in my opinion.

I didn’t feel the urge to post in this blog for the last months because I got disheartened by the voices that emerged in this sphere before and after the elections. I have always known there were unscrupulous bloggers whose pens were for the taking of those who got money. But I believed these were few and far between. However, the election campaign seemed to not only legitimized these paid hacks that spread false and libelous information but also made this disgraceful practice¬†the norm in the period after the victory of you-know-who. Change has come indeed.

So rather than let this small space allotted to me languish unused and abandoned longer than it has, I will give it up and build a replacement. I will probably swear off making another diary-type blog. I no longer feel the need to share personal circumstances and open myself up to other people’s scrutiny. I will instead share something that I (apparently) do well. The Zen Bitch may possibly stage a comeback. Or not. The few readers of my blogs will see this soon.

Good-bye then. Thank you for the good run. Thank you for the recognition. Thank you for the memories.the-last-post