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From scratch

We had a pack of beef burger patties in the freezer that no one got around to grill for sandwiches so I decided to cook them up for dinner last night instead. The family is a fan of Jollibee’s Burger Steak, mostly because of the gravy. I set out to make the home-made version of the mushroom gravy. No Gravox or other ready-made gravy mixes. I will make this one from scratch.

burger steak gravy

mushroom gravy, before the slurry

I sauteed a can of button mushrooms–chopped coarsely, with onions and thyme in a bit of Canola oil. Seasoned it with salt and pepper. When they’ve browned, I added a splash of Chinese cooking wine until it evaporated. Then I added 3 cups of stock (which was 2 beef +1 pork cube dissolved in hot water) and let it reduce to about 2/3. Then I whisked in half a cup of slurry to thicken the sauce. In the last minute, I turned off the fire and mixed in some butter, to make the gravy silken in texture.

My usual way of making a gravy was adding flour to the brown bits left after cooking the meat–making a roux, but since I made the gravy before cooking the meat I sort of experimented with this other way of making the gravy. Fortunately, it worked!

burger steak

Jollibee’s Burger Steak a la Mike

The family enjoyed the burger steak dinner with the quarter-pound patty and mushroom gravy, which was bottomless–so no need to ask for ‘extra’. ­čÖé

Day 14

Yesterday was my last day on Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. My provider probably felt the need to give me some sort of a send-off through their best foods. For I loved everything: breakfast, lunch & dinner. Kudos to them. This morning’s weigh-in told me that I lost 18 lbs (8.2 kg) in the two weeks that I’d been on it. I guess, kudos to me too! I’ll be writing a separate post that will serve as a review of my experience later.

Breakfast: Grilled Bangus w/ Scrambled Egg

Lunch: Chicken Cacciatore & Salad

Dinner: Vietnamese Beef w/ Kangkong

Day 13

I missed almost all my meals yesterday because first, I woke up late. Then I was so busy throughout the day that if my mother didn’t remind me to eat, I wouldn’t remember doing so. Anyway, it was all worth it (as the previous post will show). I liked all my food yesterday; I’m gonna miss eating them!

Breakfast: Mushroom & Cheese Omelette

Lunch: Chicken Yakitori & Miso Soup

Dinner: Beef Salpicao & Garlic Mushroom

Day 12

I’m almost done with this diet so I’m hoping that I don’t get repeat dishes anymore. Fortunately, my breakfast was wonderful; I’d been missing eating frittata for a while now. Glad to have it. Lunch was good as well while dinner took me by surprise. Why? Because it proved to me that Filipino dishes have a place in the South Beach Diet. I think it’s a matter of choosing the appropriate ingredients and adapting certain food preparation techniques so we can enjoy Filipino dishes while on SBD.

Breakfast: Malunggay and Bacon Frittata

Lunch: Sizzling Shrimp & Creamy Sesame Salad

Dinner: Chicken Adobo & Monggo Guisado

Day 11

I wrote my food provider and told them that I didn’t like a particular breakfast dish that they have sent me twice. Yesterday I received another repeat dish for breakfast. Fortunately it is one of the dishes that I had no complaints about. Lunch was great, while dinner was just okay. The tomato soup was tasty, but I don’t think the chicken was a good pair to it.

Breakfast: Canadian Bacon & Egg

Lunch: Osso Bucco & Cauliflower Medley

Dinner: Lemon Rosemary Chicken &  Chunky Tomato Soup