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Friday Photo 122

This is Coppertonic, our svelte Christmas tree at home. This year I decided on orange as the motif to our Christmas decorations. And because many Christmas tree trimmings are metallic, Copper became the dominant color of our Christmas tree, off-set by a bit of silver here and there.


Even our miniature Christmas tree got into it. Here’s a bonus pic. I call him Lil’ Copper.




Friday Photo 120

This is Robinsons Place Manila’s giant of a Christmas tree. I call this one¬†Agatona (after that komiks character) because what she lacks in beauty she makes up for in height and girth.


Friday Photo 115

Tuesday was a particularly overcast and gloomy day. I took photos of the trees in our front yard and the resulting photos looked ominous. Here’s one of them.


Friday Photo 114

The first thing that needs replacement in any Apple device is its power cable. I mean, for the premium price of its products, is it too much to ask for a power cable that lasts as long as the device? I sound like I’m complaining, yet I remain loyal to the brand. Anyway, thank God for third-party products that are cheaper than the ‘official’ products and works just as fine. Some even look good, as well!


On preloved books, conspiracies, and crafting

Whenever I am in my neighborhood mall, I usually stop by Booksale and browse for a few minutes. Sometimes these minutes lead to a discovery and ¬†purchase of books that I was either looking for or genuinely liked. Recently however, I’d been finding nothing in their stacks.

This made me think of an on-line conversation I had with a friend, on the proliferation of on-line sellers of secondhand books. I’ve bought books from on-line sellers. True, their prices are a bit higher than Booksale but their selections are better. After my favorite on-line seller closed shop and a bad experience with another, I decided to stop buying from them in the mean time.

My friend overheard a conversation where she learned that some on-line sellers collude with Booksale staff so that they have exclusive access to popular titles and newer books for their stocks. Well, these days apparently, it’s not enough to befriend a Booksale staff to get dibs on new stocks.

In my last stop by Booksale, my purchases were of the holiday and crafty mode. I got the two Christmas-themed craft books for 65 pesos each while the book on applique (with some Christmas ideas as well) for a measly 35 pesos. On average, the books are about 15 years old but I didn’t mind. After all, the old can be made new again, right? Besides, it’s already October, the second month of the Christmas season in the Philippines!