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My ebooks on Diesel eBook Store

Because of Smashwords, two of my ebooks are now on the Diesel eBooks Store. The Loudest Unspoken, which is for free, has been downloaded over a hundred times in both Smashwords and Amazon Kindle Store. I am hoping it drums up interest in my other titles, which are for sale–cheaply, if I may say so. Price range is from $0.99 to $2.99 so get it now!

The Loudest Unspoken



Me and Lulu

I heard about from another ebook writer and after a bit of procrastinating (as I am wont to do) I decided to explore it. In a lot of ways, their system resembles the system of Smashwords. However, I found Smashwords’ formatting guidelines easier to comprehend and to follow. In any case, I was able to format my ebook according to’s standards and now, Testament is available at, aside from the Amazon Kindle Store and Smashwords.

And here is my author page in

More buzz

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to see my ebook featured in the Indie Books Blog, which is managed by Bronze Age Media, a local company that supports independent electronic publishing.

IndieBooks Blog page

My second e-book

I intended Testament to be the twin novella of Remembering Jesus. I imagined it in book form; each story would be reversed so that there will be no back cover. I even have a name for the set: ELEGRAPHIES–a word I coined by combining elegy & biography. This is because both stories chronicle a life, and because death is a recurring theme.

I hadn’t thought of them as stand-alone books because they’d be so thin. Not until I read e-books, that is.¬†After releasing RJ exclusively in the Amazon Kindle Store, I decided I’d do the opposite with Testament. So I released it at both Amazon and Smashwords. To cover my bases, so to speak. Once it is approved by Smashwords’ Premium Library, it will be distributed in other ebook stores like iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, etc.

Testament is wider than RJ in terms of scope, grittier in some aspects, but both are life-affirming in the end. If you’ve got it, I hope you enjoy reading it. Please give me feedback if you can, too.